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New Hat News and University Blues

Posted in News with tags , , , on August 12, 2009 by cuttydarke

I have a new hat.  It is excellent and I think I look rather good.  Of course this is probably not true but at the moment I don’t care.  I may even post a pick of my new hatness.  The new hat inspired the thought that I am now a ‘proper’ witch since, according to Pratchett, every witch needs a hat even if it’s invisible or, like my hat, not even slightly pointy.

On the other hand I am not feeling very witchy at the moment as I am feeling very indisive.  My trip to the Centre for Life Long Learing at the University yesterday cheered me up but left me with a dilema.  I could do a degree peicmeal by picking up degree credits from courses done through the centre.  I could also do Access courses that would guarantee acceptance into the MA course of my choice.

I have no idea which I prefer.  I’m not sure which degree I’d like to do and I have to get the forms in by the 20th of August.

Yet another pointless bloody crisis.