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New Article

Posted in News with tags , , on May 26, 2009 by cuttydarke

Not much to tell just a picture I took and some words about it. Don’t feel you have to follow this link but if you haven’t already you should check out some of my other articles because some of them are actually quite good.

Aberdeen Interlude


Geeking out

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I’ve just published a new article on Triond about how my Geekyness affects my parenting.

Watching the Doctor

Hello Wordpress…

Posted in etsy, News with tags , , on February 2, 2009 by cuttydarke

I’m back in the world of blogging.  My old blog, which I have imported, fell by the wayside when Blogger developed some terrible browser cancer whenever viewed on my computer and most of the dashboard became unreadable.  So I have finally got round to moving it.  Yay for me.


  • I’m still alive and I have now lost 15 kg (33lbs) since my stomach surgery.  Yay!
  • I have relisted some things in my Etsy shop.  Badger Arts
  • I have a new article on Triond

Now it’s over to you.  I’m sure I’m doing something terribly wrong with this blog and I imagine some helpful soul will be along any moment to point it out.

Stuff and Things

Posted in etsy, writing with tags , on September 11, 2008 by cuttydarke

Another new article. And one on a different subject.

Also some new items in the shop.

More later.


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Well today I have done my best to be a good little housewife/writer/self employed crafter. Not a huge success but never mind. I’ve written another article for Triond but it’s not published yet. I’ve done some tidying and loads of washing. I’ve listed new stuff on Etsy.

I’ve also discovered a new definition of fuel poverty. All this talk in the news about people having to choose between heating and eating. We haven’t even got the heating on yet and already we’re running of of money for electricity. I’ve had to stop running the washing machine because we’re on emergency credit. I’m writing this on the laptop on battery power.

I have to sell some stuff soon or we’re in a lot of trouble. So far I’ve only made $0.02 from Triond. That’s 2 cents or about a penny in British money. That’s not even paid for the electriciy to write the articles. Still If I write enough it might eventually cover our weekly electricity bill and then I’ll have clean clothes.

Posted in complaining, writing with tags , on September 8, 2008 by cuttydarke

Published again, sort of.


Still not much improvement on the novel though. I have been concentrating on sleeping, crochet and worrying about my coming surgery. I have caught some sort of bug from Cassie and it’s making me very sleepy. Still, I should have done something with the novel so that’s the plan for this evening.

Wish me luck.


Posted in News, writing with tags on September 7, 2008 by cuttydarke

I’ve been published again. Sort of.

I’m trying out a publishing service called Triond . They publish articles on line then pay the writers a percentage of the advertising revenue. Unlike some other services the copyright of the content stays with the author.

I’ve just had my first article cleared and published. So far no funds but it’s been up less than a day. Article

I’ve done a little work on my novel but I have a feeling it’s going to be slow going. It’s going to be hard work to get it ready for an agent by Novemember.