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More complaining

Posted in craft, Kids, News with tags , , on April 1, 2009 by cuttydarke

Not much more to say today.  I haven’t done much today at all except work on blankets that I’m making for the kids in case they do have to go into foster care.  I want them to have something comforting to remind them of me.

I forgot to mention that my daughter, currently stuck out in the country with her Granny, has chicken pox.  Poor thing.  So far she is bearing up well and isn’t scratching too much.  My son is sure to get it too eventually but so far no sign of it.

Frankly I’m a bit worried about my Mum having to look after them both.  She’s suck in the house with them.  She can’t go out because she can’t take them with her and she can’t leave them behind because she’s got no-one to leave them with.  I can’t even go and help much.  My Mum’s bathroom is upstairs and I can’t do stairs and It’s hard to go for even a short visit because it hurts so much getting on and off the country buses.  Nevertheless me and my other half will be going out for a visit tomorrow.  I’ll just have to take the painkillers and put up with the side effects.

I really need to learn to drive.

In other news I finally got some information about my forthcoming surgery last week.  Apparently the administrators at the hospital trust were trying to drag their feet on the grounds that weight-loss surgery isn’t important.  Excuse me – I have a silicone balloon in my stomach that you lot put there and it’s supposed to come out in six months (been in nearly 7 months already).  According to the doctor I spoke to they had to “back the administrators into a corner with pointy sticks”, his actual words.

Anyway I am now definately on the theatre list, penciled in for 30th April but it won’t necessarily be on that exact date.

There’s probably more I’ve forgotton to say but right now I don’t really care.


Life is still kicking me in the teeth…

Posted in complaining, Kids, News with tags , , on April 1, 2009 by cuttydarke

But so far none of them have fallen out.

I really don’t want to talk about what’s been happening over the last couple of months but I can’t really avoid it indefinitely.  I do want to be a writer and a writer writes.

My children no longer life in my house and I don’t know when they’re going to be coming back.  They are actually supposed to be in Foster Care since the Social Work Department of Aberdeen City Council have decided that they’re being neglected at home and that my Mother is not doing a good enough job of setting boundaries for them.  But of course that plan would rely on the Cooncil having enough money to put them in Foster Care and they don’t.  So my children are staying with my Mum out in the country side.

This is far from ideal as they are supposed to be going to school in the city but neither me nor my Mum has a car and they Cooncil doesn’t have enough money for taxis every day.  They have enough money for three taxis. Tuesday and Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon.

That’s bad enough but the Social Workers are so overworked, under-resourced or incompetent (I haven’t worked out which yet) that they are incapable of booking a taxi even given two warnings and a week to do it in.  It’s like dealing with the NHS only far, far worse.  They seem happy enough to tell us that we’re dong something wrong but they wont tell us exactly what it is or how to do it better.  Every week I phone them several times and ask them what I can be doing to get my children back and the answer always seems to be some variation of sitting around waiting for them to do what their payed to do.

It’s like being in hell.  So like it that I’ve started dreaming that I’m in hell.  When I’m not dreaming that I’m in hell I dream that I’m trying to save my family from a Tsunami.  Sometimes I don’t remember my dreams but they make me really angry at my husband.  So angry that I wake up to find myself elbowing him the ribs but unable to remember why.

I’m not getting a lot of sleep.

It’s an ill wind

Posted in craft, Crochet, jewellery, News with tags , , , on February 16, 2009 by cuttydarke

I have alluded to the bad stuff which is happening in my life at the moment but even this cloud has a silver lining.  I have been so frantic with worry that I have been desperate to do anything to distract myself.  I have tidied and cleaned and done loads of washing.  I’ve crocheted a whole single bed sized afgahn in just over a week.

I have also mastered some new techniques and made a bunch of rings.  The first two are now listed in my shop.

Charm ring

Organic ring

I’m still not ready to talk about the bad stuff.  Which makes me a bad, bad blogger.  I should really be bearing my soul to all and sundry.  I suppose I’m more private than I realised.

Still Alive

Posted in Kids, writing with tags , on February 13, 2009 by cuttydarke

Yes I am still alive, even though I have not been very talkative this last week. I still don’t feel up to talking much about things except to say, bloody social services.

More on that later.

Now I have to go and work on how to get between a bunch of  Victorian adventurers and the tomb of Akenaten.  Should be fun.

No news yet

Posted in News with tags on February 12, 2009 by cuttydarke

I do actually have news but I’m not ready to post about it yet.  Bad stuff is happening and I don’t feel up to talking about it yet.  I wish I could talk about it because maybe then I would be able to process it better.  But rest asured that nobody is dead and no-one is seriously ill so it’s not that kind of bad stuff.