The Gods of the Dune Sea.

Some more from the Dune Sea. This is a very early draft and there's much more for each of the Gods but some of that is for the GM only section. I'd really appreciate some feedback on this because it feels a little weak as it is. What would you guys really like to know more about? Next I'd like to post about the Cities of the Dune Sea. Then I'm not sure where to go. Perhaps then start posting a bit more in depth about things?

The Gods of the Dune Sea are real and intelligent entities of great power but they cannot manifest directly in the world. They must work through their followers and the link between God and hominid is a two way street.

The Gods serve as a faith distribution network. The faith of their worshippers is channelled to the God and then tapped by clerics. The God makes rules, or Strictures, which the clerics must follow in order to tap this power and the faith and skill of the cleric affects how much of this power they may access at any one time.

This means that the rise of Seth may be as bad for Seth as it is for everyone else. The power comes not from bums on seats in the temples but from actual faith.

From the Divine Chaos before time sprang four children.   Twin boys and twin girls.   They grew into the mightiest of Gods.

The Sky-father.   The Sun God.   King of the Gods.   Married to Maris and her twin sister Mara.   Worshiped by males of any species, rulers and anyone in need of fair weather.   His temples are often visited by men in hopes of potency and fertility and most Fathers will visit the temple when their wives are pregnant and give thanks.   Some will pray for sons.   His cult still exists but his temples are in poor repair.

Domains: Fire, Air, Sun, Knowledge, Law, Light
Favoured Weapons:   Straight Swords

The Earth-mother and healer.   With her husband Per she forms the centre around which the Pantheon rotates.   When she married Per she also married his twin Seth.   Worshiped by females of any species, particularly married women also farmers and anyone in need of healing.   As goddess of fertility and healing she is popular with pregnant Mothers and young brides.   Many women choose to give birth in the birth-rooms associated with her temple hospitals.   Her Cult is largely unaffected by the rise of Seth but her temples are now bare of all decorations which have been sold off to pay for the hospitals.   As the wife of Seth her cult is tolerated but not encouraged.

Domains:   Earth, Healing, Animal, Plant

Favoured weapons:   Any bludgeoning weapon
The destroyer and protector.   Twin sister of Maris and also married to Per.   Not married to Seth but this hasn’t stopped them from producing at least one godling together.   Worshipped by warriors and anyone in need of protection.   She is particularly popular with young Mothers who beg her to protect their children.   In spite of her fierce aspect and bad temper she is known to be very fond of children.   She never had temples in her name but her cult is still strong in secret.

Domains: Destruction, Protection, Animal, War

Favoured weapons:   Anything which can be concealed

Lord of the Underworld.   Judge of the Dead.   Twin brother of Per and also married to Maris.   Worshipped by anyone who fears the consequences of their actions.   A person’s actions in this life affect their station in the next and Seth is the judge of those actions.   The priests of Seth traditionally help people to make amends for their misdeeds and do penance in this life so that they won’t have to in the next.   Now the dominant God in the Cities of the Alliance.   His priests have taken over many of the duties once carried out by priests of other deities.

Domains: Death, Law, Healing, Darkness

Favoured Weapons:   Flail

The Trickster.   The God of Mischief and Magic.   The monkey God.   Something of a mystery – as a baby he just turned up in a basket and at various times has claimed that both Maris and Mara are his mother and that both Per and Seth are his father.   Nobody knows the truth except possibly Tekli.   Some say that he is another child of Chaos and others that he is his own father.   He is worshipped by Mages, Thieves, Smugglers, Pirates and anyone who hopes to get one over on someone else.   He is worshipped by an order of Monks because, as master of misdirection, he is a perfect example of the Tao.

Domains: Luck, Chaos, Magic, Trickery, Knowledge, Other

Favoured weapons:   Unarmed/ Improvised

The daughter of Per and Maris.   Goddess of Beauty and Love.   Worshiped by anyone in love or hoping to be in love and prostitutes of both sexes.   Her temples are also visited by married couples hoping to rekindle the fires of their relationships.   Once upon a time newlyweds would go to the temples of Viola to be deflowered and trained in the arts of love by the temple prostitutes.   Since the dominance of Seth this practice has apparently disappeared.

Domains:   Good, Healing, Protection

Favoured weapons:   Whip

The son of Per and Maris. God of alcohol and carousing.   Beloved at every level of society and still worshiped in secret by anyone planning a party and anyone in need of cheering up.   There are rumours of orgiastic cults that worship Rodney but there is no actual evidence in spite of much hopeful investigation.

Domains:   Luck, Good, Travel

Favoured Weapons:     Club

The daughter of Mara and Per.   The River Goddess.   Worshiped by anyone in need of water.   Appeased when the river floods.   Her Cult is still strong everywhere around the Dune Seas.   Her priests and priestess are always welcome because they can find water.

Domains:   Water, Travel, Animal (but only appropriate animals)

Favoured Weapon:   Trident, Net, Staff

The daughter of Mara and Seth.   Goddess of Storms and the Sea.   Worshipped by the Norn and the human fishermen and appeased by everyone who lives close to the coast.   Her wrath is feared even far inland.

Domains:   Water, Air, Destruction.

Favoured Weapon:   Spear, Javelin, or Great spear.

The misshapen son of Maris and Seth.   The God of Craftsmen, Blacksmiths and Dwerg.   Worshiped by most Dwerg and anyone who works with their hands.   Although his cult is now underground it is just as strong as it ever was.   Crippled and undersized from birth Bez was spurned by the younger members of the Pantheon and by Per.   However Maris and Seth loved their son and Mara doted on her nephew.   Bez also had an ally in Tekli.

Domains:   Fire, Earth, Knowledge

Favoured Weapon:   Any hammer

The son of Bez.   Messenger of the Gods, God of communication and messengers.   Built rather than born Rune was created by Bez because none of the Goddess would have anything to do with him and he wanted a child.   Legend tells of how Bez laboured long over his son but could not bring him to life till Tekli stole a divine soul from Chaos.

Domains:   Travel, knowledge, Air

Favoured Weapons:   Scimitar/Rapier

Zora and Zane
Twin children of Mona and Tekli.   The Gods of the wind and the sandstorm.   Zora, the girl is worshipped by the human Sarouin.   Zane, the boy, is worshipped by the Sand Walkers.   Both are worshipped by Sky Pirates in search of a favourable wind.   Their cults are completely unaffected by the rise of Seth.   Neither the Sarouin, the Sand Walker nor the Pirates care much for the Bishop or his laws.

Domains:   Air, Earth, Sun

Favoured Weapons:   Paired Scimitars (clerics swap their free shield for the second Scimitar)

And the Rest
Of course there are many others.   Even Bez now has a son by a human woman and all the others have many more children by each other and with human parents.   The cults of these other Gods and Demi-Gods may survive somewhere but not widely.

There is much more to say about the Gods but that is for GM’s eyes only.


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